Wednesday, November 12, 2014

Red phase...

Cedar and I went sauntering this morning in search of the elusive woodcock. Only to find one of my best doodle covers littered with day old splash. We were there on Sunday and found one lonely woodcock in an unusual locale, I was totally expecting 'ol ruff and went in fast. The doodle flushed low and never presented a shot. Here is the Ceed man doing what he does best.
It was crisp on top of the hill with a fresh dusting of snow, temps held in the upper 20's until noon or so. My buddy Alex and I covered a lot of ground Sunday in a wonderful cover, flushing 5 ruffs. In spite of some stellar dog work, no shots were fired.
 Heading into "apple bottom"
Approaching red phase cover 
I have moved a good number of birds in this piece over the years and knew they were mostly all reds. I headed back there today looking for flight birds that apparently didn't get the memo to delay their departure. After two hours no big eyes were found. However, I left with a fantastic auxiliary prize and a new name for this cover!

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  1. Excellent looking cover, Cedar's as handsome as ever, and that's a beautiful trophy bird in the last pic. Thanks for sharing your hunt.