Monday, February 6, 2012

Training Day

The Ruffie hunting has been pretty tough the last month or so. Jumpy birds have been a challenge for Cedar to pin down, not to mention he has developed a tendency to crowd them. Decided on a local management area with planted Pheasant and Chukkar to try and get a few on the ground for him. Was able to take a couple short video clips, the following is what ensued.

Monday, January 16, 2012

January Grousin'

Tough to believe it's already mid - January. We have dodged old man winter for quite awhile this year and the easy walking has finally come to an end. Whistled up the pup and headed to a couple covers out of desperation this morning. It is always tough to watch the season slip away.

No high hopes with all the snow and heavy winds. Was nice to get out, stretch the legs and watch Cedar streak through the brush.

Moved a pair of birds out of this corner...roosting in the spruce as always. Can't they just bust across the open field one time?

Signs like this are few and far between but I like them

Fruit on the Buckthorn still hanging tough

A nice day afield