Sunday, September 12, 2010

The Salmon Have Arrived

Was able to hit the river for a few hours yesterday and swing some soft hackles, this is what we found. Gotta love short sleeves and Cohos...Heading back up for another morning session!

Monday, September 6, 2010

September Scouting

Pup and I walked a familliar cover this morning, feels good to be back in the brush after an unusally warm summer here. The soft maples are turning red, Chestnuts are dropping leaves and apples are on the ground. Gravity always prevails.

Looks like the fruit bearing trees and shrubs profited from the high humidity this year.

Tons of Honeysuckle

The edges have filled out nice as well

Apple Bottom. One of our favorites.
Trailhead marker
Someone's feeble attempt to spook me out of the cover,it almost worked.

Cedar had several grouse finds this morning and a pair of nice points. Steady to flush? Not even close, but boy it sure is a pretty three seconds. Guess I'm going to have to walk fast this season. Seven young birds got up out of here like bottle rockets, blew his little mind to pieces and scared me half to death.
He did manage to relocate one of them, had to use the zoom on this one.

Heading home.

Tired Setter.