Sunday, November 20, 2011

Salmo salar

Got a chance to scratch the itch and strip streamers for Landlocks the other day. What a fantastic time, perfect weather for November and an incredible back drop to pursue the leaper

My wonderful friend Alex from Argentina, aka "The worlds most interesting man" When in Rome they do as he does. Stay thirsty my friends...

Sunday, November 6, 2011

Bare November Days

Hunted through some nice cover today. Sadly, the woodcock had moved out but Ruff was still in his usual haunts. Moved a dozen birds in a half days effort, can't complain.

A really nice bottom that was just bursting at the seams with apples, bumper crop this year.

Cedar handled well today, bumped a few birds, still sorting things out with ruff. He's a long way from finished and may never be, he only retrieves cripples but for a two year old dog he puts meat on the table.
Sleepy settter gaurding mornning bag.

My buddy Joe with a fine bird taken over Cedar's point. Smile says it all.