Wednesday, November 12, 2014

Red phase...

Cedar and I went sauntering this morning in search of the elusive woodcock. Only to find one of my best doodle covers littered with day old splash. We were there on Sunday and found one lonely woodcock in an unusual locale, I was totally expecting 'ol ruff and went in fast. The doodle flushed low and never presented a shot. Here is the Ceed man doing what he does best.
It was crisp on top of the hill with a fresh dusting of snow, temps held in the upper 20's until noon or so. My buddy Alex and I covered a lot of ground Sunday in a wonderful cover, flushing 5 ruffs. In spite of some stellar dog work, no shots were fired.
 Heading into "apple bottom"
Approaching red phase cover 
I have moved a good number of birds in this piece over the years and knew they were mostly all reds. I headed back there today looking for flight birds that apparently didn't get the memo to delay their departure. After two hours no big eyes were found. However, I left with a fantastic auxiliary prize and a new name for this cover!

Saturday, November 8, 2014


Woodcock have been scarce in my favorite haunts this fall. Not sure if I missed them moving through or if there are still some flight birds on the way down. At any rate, Cedar has been finding an excess of pheasant and we have made the best of it the past couple of weeks. We will be heading out to prospect for a few timberdoodles this afternoon. Hopefully we can find a few.

Saturday, October 5, 2013


It was great to slide back into a few favorite covers after a long sabatical. Was fortunate enough to have fantastic weather and the opportunity to take a few photos as well.

Moved a good number of grouse over the course of two days, averaging right around 2 birds per hour. Had a several good looks but a very difficult time connecting, I'm going to blame it on the Woodcock were plentiful and offered ample opportunity for fast action.

Cedar, in his fourth season, has really come into his own and minding his manners. The days of crowding and busting birds seem to be over and I could not be happier!

Have a safe and productive season my friends.

Monday, February 6, 2012

Training Day

The Ruffie hunting has been pretty tough the last month or so. Jumpy birds have been a challenge for Cedar to pin down, not to mention he has developed a tendency to crowd them. Decided on a local management area with planted Pheasant and Chukkar to try and get a few on the ground for him. Was able to take a couple short video clips, the following is what ensued.

Monday, January 16, 2012

January Grousin'

Tough to believe it's already mid - January. We have dodged old man winter for quite awhile this year and the easy walking has finally come to an end. Whistled up the pup and headed to a couple covers out of desperation this morning. It is always tough to watch the season slip away.

No high hopes with all the snow and heavy winds. Was nice to get out, stretch the legs and watch Cedar streak through the brush.

Moved a pair of birds out of this corner...roosting in the spruce as always. Can't they just bust across the open field one time?

Signs like this are few and far between but I like them

Fruit on the Buckthorn still hanging tough

A nice day afield

Sunday, November 20, 2011

Salmo salar

Got a chance to scratch the itch and strip streamers for Landlocks the other day. What a fantastic time, perfect weather for November and an incredible back drop to pursue the leaper

My wonderful friend Alex from Argentina, aka "The worlds most interesting man" When in Rome they do as he does. Stay thirsty my friends...

Sunday, November 6, 2011

Bare November Days

Hunted through some nice cover today. Sadly, the woodcock had moved out but Ruff was still in his usual haunts. Moved a dozen birds in a half days effort, can't complain.

A really nice bottom that was just bursting at the seams with apples, bumper crop this year.

Cedar handled well today, bumped a few birds, still sorting things out with ruff. He's a long way from finished and may never be, he only retrieves cripples but for a two year old dog he puts meat on the table.
Sleepy settter gaurding mornning bag.

My buddy Joe with a fine bird taken over Cedar's point. Smile says it all.